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Diffuse all day long with Breathe Beads!


Breathe Beads are rare and unique semi precious stones from the Earth, known to hold certain energy.  Before they are crafted into beautiful bracelets, the stones are pummeled, shaped, and placed in the sun/moon for one week to fully charge.  These sedimentary stones are ultra porous.  When essential oil is applied to the bead, it will last all day.  These stones offer an alternative to the popular lava bead.  

Breathe Beads are strung on an elastic band to fit most wrists.  Fits most comfortably on a 6-8" wrist.

For best results, add a drop of your desired oil to the palm of your hand.  Briskly roll the beads between your two palms for about 10 seconds.  The heat from your hands along with friction infuses the oil into your beads.  For best care, be mindful not to get oil on the metal portion of your bracelet.  Getting oil on the metal can remove the metal coating.  Never drop oil directly onto the beads.  Doing so wastes oil and can leak onto the string, stretching it out.

Essentially Baubled Breathe Beads are precious and rare, therefore, the detailing in the stone will vary slightly from stone to stone.

Occasionally, think about laying your beads outside during a full moon to recharge their natural energy.  

Size Guide

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Sizing details vary from item to item.  Details are in each item's description.

BREATHE BEADS are double strung on a durable elastic strand for flexibility.  Sizing of the beads vary, therefore the size of the bracelet will also vary.  Please see individual item description for exact fitting.

KARMA CUFFS are adjustable stainless steel and fit best on a 5-9" wrist.

EO KARMA CUFFS are slightly adjustable and fit best on a 4-7" wrist.

Our REWRAP bracelets are sold by size for a perfect fit.  To find your size, measure the smallest part of your wrist with a tap measure. PLEASE INDICATE YOUR SIZE IN THE ORDERING NOTES AT CHECK OUT

Small: 5"-6" wrist

Medium: 6"-7" wrist

Large: 7"-8" wrist

Extra Large: 8"-10"

Child: 4"-5" wrist