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Get Essentially Baubled with our trademarked and patent pending REWRAP upcycled fabric wrap bracelet.  This comfortable fabric wrap is hand crafted with the intent to deliver a unique wearable diffusing experience.  

We continue to live our mission of staying environmentally conscious by partnering with big brands.  We take the scraps of unused designer fabric that would otherwise be tossed, and hand craft fashionable and comfortable fabric wraps.  The REWRAP is approx. 29" in length and is designed to wrap comfortable 3 times around your wrist as a bracelet. (3-9" wrist)  

Your REWRAP will arrive brand new.  The more you wear it, the softer it will get, like your favorite old tee shirt!

When needed, custom adjust your REWRAP by cutting the ends and re tying a knot at each end, without removing the bead.  Especially great when adjusting the size for an extra small wrist.  

When ordering, you can put your wrist size in the notes at checkout and we will send your REWRAP already customized to your unique size.

Diffuse by adding essential oils directly to the fabric.

100% machine washable. Air dry.

We have limited quantities of each design because we use recycled fabric.  Once a design pattern is gone, we generally can not get it again, so if you see one you like, buy it!  Additionally, each REWRAP will vary slightly in length due to the different fabric elasticity and thickness.

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Sizing details vary from item to item.  Details are in each item's description.

BREATHE BEADS are double strung on a durable elastic strand for flexibility.  Sizing of the beads vary, therefore the size of the bracelet will also vary.  Please see individual item description for exact fitting.

KARMA CUFFS are adjustable stainless steel and fit best on a 5-9" wrist.

EO KARMA CUFFS are slightly adjustable and fit best on a 4-7" wrist.

Our REWRAP bracelets are sold by size for a perfect fit.  To find your size, measure the smallest part of your wrist with a tap measure. PLEASE INDICATE YOUR SIZE IN THE ORDERING NOTES AT CHECK OUT

Small: 5"-6" wrist

Medium: 6"-7" wrist

Large: 7"-8" wrist

Extra Large: 8"-10"

Child: 4"-5" wrist